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Top 10 Wind Energy Tech Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

Every year temperatures across the world are rising and a primary factor stated is the aggressive carbon emissions into Earth’s atmosphere. Environmental activists have been stressing upon the dangers to the ozone due to inefficient safety practices at factories and other industrial facilities to try to curb the situation from ballooning out of control. With safety authority boards coming down heavily on manufacturers to find efficient ways to operate their facilities, the challenge is in finding the right approach to utilize technology to understand the best way to store and utilize energy without wastage. The right use of digital applications not only help save resources and be in line with the regulations but also allow factories run their equipment with less emissions and effective damage control.

With many options to choose in the new-age power generation, storage and distribution space, wind has become a go to choice as an abundantly available natural resource to utilize in creating a better and cleaner planet. To help our readers get a better understanding of the wind energy arena, our editors submersed themselves in the sector to discover the best technology solution providers that can assist companies and city administration complete a wind energy plant project with minimal time and maximum expertise. The magazine comprises of those companies that are at the forefront of the wind energy tech space in guiding companies through every step of the way in developing and installing turbine structures with high standards.

We are happy to present our “Top 10 Wind Energy Tech Companies – 2021.”

    Top Wind Energy Tech Solution Companies in Europe

  • Agile Wind Power specialises in the local production of wind energy for commerce and industry. Agile Wind Power’s Vertical Sky is a revolutionary solution for the commercial use of wind energy. The solution presents a precise real-time pitch control of the rotor blades that lead to a sophisticated technology with significant advantages. The sophisticated technology powering the solution has been instrumental in helping the team design, improve and solve the challenges of the vertical model. Powered by machine learning mechanisms, the solution offers permanent optimisation of the rotor blade position in real-time, along with permanent wind direction tracking

  • COMPOSYST provides end-to-end services from concept development to development through training, allowing companies to develop agile and multi-functionality composites for new-age wind turbines. Led by individuals who were part of the R&D team that invented VAP®, COMPOSYST uses VAP® to its fullest potential. In fact, COMPOSYST is the only licensee (and co-inventor, patent holder is AIRBUS) for the infusion process through which it ensures swift and error-free high-volume production of large complex components in which many smaller parts are integrated. Focused on developing elevator cars and other structures that are more lightweight and agile than ever before, COMPOSYST is eagerly pursuing 3D printing for improved design, installation and management of parts and structures in the wind turbine facilities

  • Founded in 1994, Idnamic has been involved in the installation and maintenance of anemometric towers for 27 years. Today, Idnamic is the wind engineering services leader in Europe and North Africa, with headquarters in Italy and Spain. The company provides the best anemological mast on the market, both for permanent and temporary use. It also has the capability to supply any sensor and data logger required by its clients. Idnamic guarantees technical assistance for its products through its technical team, which is always in contact with customers to resolve the issues.

  • The Nordex Group offers a broad range of services such as equipment delivery, turnkey projects, and full development of wind farms. It employs a TÜV-certified analysis method to evaluate the load and buffer of each turbine, depending on the specifics of a site. This helps in optimizing the implementation process. Depending upon the capacity of the farm, the Nordex Group’s experts propose the most ideal power mode from the 3 modes they offer. They also provide administrative support for the implementation of the equipment

  • Connected Wind Services Group

    Connected Wind Services Group

    Connected Wind Services is Europe’s strongest independent service provider for wind turbines. For more than 25 years, its multi-brand, multi-skill approach, combined with local competencies, has been the foundation for providing wind turbine operators and owners with unrivalled reliability and service. In addition, Connected Wind Services Group adapts to individual needs and are focused on the full lifecycle of wind turbines. The company's reputation is built on efficiency, flexibility and safety within wind turbine Service Maintenance, Service Projects and retail of Components & Spare Parts. Connected Wind Services Group deliver integrated, high-value services that help maximize yield and protect assets - providing everything from a single point of contact

  • Danwind


    Offers wind energy solutions includes optimal resources, whether our customer needs spare parts, manpower or tools

  • HALO Photonics

    HALO Photonics

    HALO Photonics develops and manufactures coherent wind LiDAR products that are extremely robust, reliable, energy efficient and low maintenance

  • softenergy


    Offers development, distribution, integration and administration of application software in the field of renewable energies

  • Wind Energy Service East Europe

    Wind Energy Service East Europe

    WESEE provides a wide range of professional services for renewables and energy industry

  • Xodus


    Xodus is a leading global energy consultancy helping clients overcome challenges and maximise return on investment

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